Sunil chose to major in arts already in high school and did extra work as a stand up performer, show host and a comedian. Later as a high school senior he chose to specialize in theatre history.

After graduating he went on to a two-year acting program at Kulturama, followed by a year at Scenstudion focusing on the Meisner method under the guidance of Matthew Allen. In 1995 Sunil applied to the National School of Drama in Gothenburg and was accepted on his first trial. The years at the academy came to be a tremendously creative time period for Sunil, and he further developed his sense of esthetics and very own expression within the arts.

With Sunil writing his own material, and producing his own shows, combined with him getting the chance to be the scenographer for the final year showcase a creative basis took shape; a intuitive feel for the full integrity of the play, that later came to lead to his debut as a director. Although acting is still important for Sunil -he tries act as often as possible in order to keep his instrument well-tuned -directing is what has taken the most part of his time lately.

In the year past he has been acting in the feature film “Surprise” by Kristina Humle, as well as filming the TV4 comedy series “Halvvägs till himlen” (Halfway to Heaven).


Teaterhögskolan i Göteborg 1995-98
Scenstudions teaterprogram ettårig linje 1994-95
Kulturamas teaterlinje 1992-93


1996 Stockholms Stadsteater, Henrik IV av Pirandello, regi Jonas Cornell
1997 Göteborgs Stadsteater Focco, regi Carolina Frände
1998 Backa Teater, Sagornas hav, av Salman Rushdie, regi Eva Bergman
1999 Scenen Pipergsgatan 4, BENT av Martin Sherman, regi Alejandro Vivanco
2000 Stockholm Stadsteater, Frihetens behag, regi Carl Kjellgren
2001 Inkonst Malmö, Mannen som vann världen, av/regi Lisa Langseth
2002 Teater Giljotin, Zoo story, E.Albee, regi Niklas Pajala
2003 Stockholms Stadsteater Crazy Jerrys mobila disco, regi Sara Cronberg
2004 Teater Giljotin, theTotalFuckingDeathExperience, regi Kia Berglund
2006 Dramaten, De 7 städerskorna, regi Åsa Kalmér
2007 Stockholms Stadsteater Västra Kajen av BM Koltés, regi Åsa Kalmér
2008 Dramaten, Gustav III av Strindberg, regi Maria Åberg


Vingar av Glas Sony Film
Livet i 8 bitar SF
Hus i helvete Migma film
Förortsungar Gilda film
Flickan som lekte med elden, Stieg Larsson-triologin SF


St:Mikael, SVT
Sjätte dagen, SVT
Bror och Syster, SVT
Tusenbröder II, SVT
Oskyldigt Dömd tv4
Kvalster, SVT
Labyrint, TV4
Hotell Gyllene Knorren, SVT